Uniform Hunted – Tina Yuzuki

Video Title: Uniform Hunted
Starring: Tina Yuzuki
Publisher: Max-A
Publisher ID: XV485, SRXV484
Censor: JAV
Volumes: 1
Size: 894 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 01:29:09
Video format: WMV3

Tina Yuzuki performs a convincing school-girl movie. Her mixed background makes extremely good viewing especially in the entrapment scenes. Her cute face draws you to her hot facial expressions as she gets fucked hard and fast. As always, Tina’s movies build up, with a story always behind her scene-work. This movie shows the brilliant roles she plays from seeing her hot and cute smile after an enjoying sex with her boyfriend, to the fearful and painful emotions displayed on her beautiful face when abducted and raped. Truly amazing!, capturing taking the best of both genres into one solid movie!


Scene 1: Hot water gentle pours down Tina’s smooth body, as she delicately washes her breasts and legs in this short shower scene. Silently singing, she smiles at you with her cute mixed Asian-Portuguese face.

Scene 2: In a dream-like state, Tina appears in her bed rubbing and pleasing herself with her fingers. As she works herself up, she need more and whips out a large hot pink vibrator to help. Tina probes herself gently curling up, gradually getting faster and faster, louder and louder till she cums. Her cute satisfied face when she finishes is just too hot!

Scene 3: After finishing school, Tina hooks up with what looks to be a friend and walks with him into a hotel. Tina slowly begins to get turned-on, with her breasts caressed and sucked, and some downstairs licking and fingering. Extremely shy and wet, she wants more and gets him hard through some hand and blow job techniques, tongue-flicking and drooling included. After, the guy can’t stand it anymore and fucks her hard and fast before you can blink. Missionary, cowboy, doggy, finishing with a cum on her petite breasts.

Scene 4: Here the real school-girl uniform scenes begin. Tina gets captured and knocked-out to find herself blindfolded and trapped. She awakes to be monitored by cameras. The guy tries to feed her, but then starts to have his way with her. Feeling her up, but then drags her in a big bag to another location. He then begins to strip her, make her wet and screaming, all with a ball-gag in her mouth. The ball-gag soon comes out and he proceeds to force her to blow job him, fuck her while she makes lots of noises. Tears form from her beautiful face as he finishes off and cums all over her. Extremely nice facial expressions throughout as Tina plays this part well!

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