The Queen of DAS – Maria Ozawa

Video Title: The Queen of DAS
Starring: Maria Ozawa
Publisher: DAS
Publisher ID: AVGL128
Bon99 ID: THQUODA128MOA1143
Censor: JAV
Size: 1.8 GB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 03:47:52
Video format: DX50

JAV superstar Maria Ozawa is the Queen and I bow before her unabashedly. Maria tests her limits in this marathon 3+ hour fuck fest. While there are only 3 sex scenes, the intensity and sheer perversity will leave you asking for more!


Scene 1: Maria sits on a large cushioned seat, her hands tied behind her head. Two men grope her. The mash her tits and pinch her nipples. They pour oil on her crotch and tease her with vibrators. After several minutes of this, one of the men forces Maria to her knees and makes her suck his cock. He pumps his dick into her mouth as she gasps and chokes. He pulls away and a third man takes his place. He fucks her face for a short while then another man steps in. Maria fellates him for a bit, then the third man returns. He pumps his cock into Maria’s throat a few times times then cums in her mouth. Maria sticks out her tongue to show his load to the camera. The other men take the cue and dump their cum in her mouth. She opens her mouth to show us her cum-filled maw and she swallows it all. The men tease her with a vibrator then piss in her mouth. We fade out on an exhausted Maria.

Scene 2: Maria, bound in red tape, squirms on a mat as a large group of men grope her. They rip off what little clothing she wears and the tape. They kiss, lick and suck her all over. One man kneels in front of her as she kneels on all fours. She fellates him while the other men slowly depart. He forces his cock down her gullet, making her lay on her back while he squats over her face. Another man enters and he continues with the rough oral treatment. Maria gags and drools as he facefucks her. The first man returns and fucks Maria as she lays on her back. The other guy has Maria suck him while she is fucked. The first guy cums quickly, deposited his load in her pussy. The other man has Maria ride him in reverse cowgirl. As she bounces on his cock, a different guy enters and Maria blows him. They switch to doggystyle and Maria has a cock in her mouth and her pussy. They switch back to missionary , this time only one man is on Maria. He reaches climax quickly and finishes with an internal cumshot. Yet another guy mounts Maria. A few thrusts and he shoots his wad in her snatch. The nakadashi bang continues as eight more dudes empty their balls in Maria’s pussy. They flip the script on the next guy. While he fucks her in missionary position, a line of men takes turns spunking on Maria’s face. Her lovely face is soon covered in the ball batter. Her partner fucks her all the while until he pulls out to give her a final shot of sperm on her mug. He pulls her up and holds her head while another man pisses on her face, washing the jizz away in a stream of urine.

Scene 3: Maria, dressed in a body stocking, arms bound behind her back with rope, sits in a large cushioned chair. A man enters and makes her stand. He pushes her back down on the seat so that she is kneeling on it and her ass faces out. He caresses and spanks her buttocks. He removes her panties and fingers her asshole. He turns her around so that she is seated with her legs spread. He gives her an enema with a small balloon-like douche full of lube. Next, he inserts a butt plug in her anus. Maria squirms and he continues diddling her clit. Maria moves to the floor. As she kneels, she sucks the man’s dick. He lays her on her back and kneels by her head. She fellates him as he plays with the butt plug, tugging it gently but not removing it. He fucks her in missionary then has Maria get on top. He fucks her as he fiddles with the butt plug. He finally pulls it out completely. She rides him a bit longer then he gets out from under her. Maria stays on all fours. The man brings out a hose and a jug of milk. He sticks one end of the hose in Maria’s butthole and the other in the milk. He fills her rectum fill of milk and Maria squirts it out. They repeat the process and Maria bends her legs and shoots the milk out again. She is filled again, but this time the man fucks her doggystyle before she releases the milk. He fucks her until she can no longer hold it in and shoots the white liquid on his stomach. He fills her up again then she rides him. She cannot bear it for long and she dismounts. He pulls off the body stocking then gives her another enema. She squirms around trying to hold it in. He pulls her legs back as she lays on her back and she releases a white stream from her ass. Yet another refill and he sticks his cock back in her pussy. A few thrusts then Maria shoots it out. He continues fucking her, this time he is the one who shoots a white stream, spraying Maria’s face with his cum.

Scene 4: Maria sits on a red leather couch. Two men enter and immediately begin kissing and caressing her. They lick and finger her pussy. They continue pleasuring her with vibrators and their hands. They probe Maria’s ass with fingers, dildos and vibrators. Maria kneels between the two men ad fellates them. One fucks her from behind as she takes the other in her mouth. One man leaves and she rides the other, first in reverse cowgirl then turning around to ride him some more. She dismounts and gets on her back. She pulls her legs back and he fingers her asshole. When she is prepped, he sticks his schlong in her ass. Maria winces in pain. They change positions and she gets on top and slowly moves up and down on his cock. They switch to doggystyle and he slowly works his dick in her ass. He pulls out and his buddy returns. He fucks Maria in missionary but not in the ass. He picks Maria up and carries her while fucking her. He lays down and she rides him. The other man returns and the men do Maria, one in the pink, one in the stink. The man fucking her ass pulls out but the other man continues fucking her. They switch to missionary position and the man pumps furiously, climaxing in a spray of cum on Maria’s face.The other man returns and he puts his cock back in her pooper. He fucks her ass slowly but methodically as she lays on her back, pulling out from time to time to give her butthole a break. They spoon and he continues reaming her rectum, this time more forcefully. He finallly shoots his load in her ass and Maria kneels to let gravity and her sphincter push his semen out of her stinkhole.

Scene 5: Final scene is non-sex, basically a long interview with Maria. Hey, after the last few scenes the girl has earned a break!

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  • binzz

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  • Bon99

    Because this movie don’t have uncensored version :)

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