The ages of Lulu (1990)

The ages of Lulu (1990)

Video Title: The ages of Lulu
Also Known As: Las edades de Lulú, As Idades de Lulú, Le età di Lulù, Les vies de Loulou, Lulu
Release Date: 13 December 1990 (Spain)
Starring: Francesca Neri, Óscar Ladoire
Bon99 ID: TAOLL1990BL
Genre: Adult, Drama, Erotic/Softcore, Rated R
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitle: English
Size: 709MB
Length: 01:35:26
Resolution: 640×360

The Ages of Lulu (Spanish: Las edades de Lulú) is a 1990 Spanish film, directed by Bigas Luna, starring by Francesca Neri. Javier Bardem has a small role as a corrupt gay man, one of his first roles on screen. Ángela Molina rejected the role for the sex scenes. The film is the version of the international best-selling novel with the same name written by Almudena Grandes. María Barranco won the Goya Award as Best Supporting Actress for her role as a transsexual prostitute. Francesca Neri is dubbed into Spanish by another actress.


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