Studentinnen-Report (1978)

Studentinnen-Report (1978)

Video Title: Studentinnen-Report
Also Known As: Hella’s Affair; Nympho Maniacs; Some Like It Sexy; Fünf Girls heiß wie Lava; Hellas Affair
Year: 1978
Director: Pavlos Parashakis
Starring: Jeffrey H. Aikman, Maria Domingues, Gina Janssen
Bon99 ID: SR1978PP
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: Adult 21+, Pornographic: Vintage n Classic and Retro Porn
Size: 1.91 GB
Length: 01:20:52
Resolution: 720×544

Summer in a nice villa near the sea coast near Athens, three young blonde American girls are studying the ancient stones. Mr Chesterfield, father to Nancy, sends his private eye Fred Nichols to watch on the girls. When he arrives, the girls are all busy having sex with their Greek boyfriends, mostly on a yacht. When he discovers the truth he wants to drug them and send Nancy back to her father. But the warm-blooded housekeeper Melina tries to prevent the guy from discovering this terrible truth by blackmailing him with photographs of him with Nancy. Nancy and Fred fall in love and join all the others having sex. At the end Nancy’s fat mother (Kuske) arrives only to fall in love with the clumsy moustached aid Zorba



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