She The Vampire 1998

She The Vampire 1998

Video Title:She The Vampire
Also Known As: She: The Vampire
Year: 1998
Director: Roger A. Fratter
Starring: Elisabetta Principe, Carlo Girelli, Mirko Riva
Bon99 ID: STV1998RAF39
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: Adult 18+, Erotic/Softcore (the USA & EU), Horror
Size: 1.37 GB
Length: 01:09:05
Resolution: 720×576

This film pays homage to the film makers of the 70’s and tells the dramatic story of the vampire Carmilla. She has been condemned by the Devil to endless pain:she’s dead but is forced to be still living for ever and ever. The story is set in undefined place and undetermined time; all the characters will meet, against their will, the charming vampire. This is a movie of gloomy and romantic atmospheres supported by an enthralling soundtrack and a photography with peculiar colours which call up again a good period for italian



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