Sex and Astrology 1971

Sex and Astrology 1971

Video Title: Sex and Astrology
Also Known As: Love and Astrology; Sex & Astrology
Year: 1971
Director: Matt Cimber
Starring: Updating
Bon99 ID: SAA1971MC11
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adult 21+, Pornographic: Vintage n Classic and Retro Porn, Comedy, Fantasy
Size: 1.79 GB
Length: 01:22:38
Resolution: 720×540

Throughout history, there has been an undeniable link between the mystical ideas of astrology and human sexuality. With each zodiac sign comes a distinct sexual personality. In SEX AND ASTROLOGY, filmmaker Matt Cimber explores the sensual, erotic, and humorous aspects of astrology and the zodiac. He takes the viewer on a sensual journey beginning in ancient times and moving into the mystical world of today.



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