Sex and Zen 3 (1998)


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sexandzen3 Sex and Zen 3 (1998)

Video Title: Sex and Zen 3
Also Known As: 玉蒲團III官人我要, Sex And Zen III, Sex & Zen III, Yuk Po Tuen III Goon Yan Ngoh Yiu
Year: 1998
Director: Aman Cheung Min
Starring: Jane Chung Chun, Karen Yang Ga Ling, Tung Yee, Elvis Tsui Kam Kong, Timothy Zao Chen Yung, Ronald Wong Pan, Lowell Chik King Man, Ricky Yi Faan Wai, Christine Hung Hiu Wan, Lo Meng
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Ghost
Subtitle: English
Size: 699 MB
Resolution: 672×368
Length: 01:39:41
Video format: XVID
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The original Sex & Zen was a provocative, intelligent, and fun erotic movie that broke new ground for the genre. The sequel was just a more explicit “Erotic Ghost Story” riding on the success of the original (though still thoroughly enjoyable). This one is again, a new kettle of fish altogether, and while it doesn’t contain the fantasy element of Sex & Zen II, the style is more similar to that than of the first.
It’s certainly the weakest in the series: It lacks the humour of the first two and contains the least interesting sex scenes with the original having the wackiest, and the sequel having the most beautiful girls.
But I still thoroughly enjoyed Sex & Zen III, the story is still entertaining, the girls still beautiful, and the sex still more explicit than your average movie.
Zargo from Ballarat, Australia

scseaz3acm Sex and Zen 3 (1998)

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