Sex and the Emperor (1994)

Sex and the Emperor (1994)

Video Title: Sex and the Emperor
Also Known As: 滿清禁宮奇案
Year: 1994
Director: Sherman Wong Ching Wa
Starring: Yvonne Yung Hung, Sung Boon Chung, Leung Si Ho, Chin Gwan, Julie Lee Wah Yet, Stuart Ong Sai Kit, Jimmy Wong Shu Kei, Kingdom Yuen King Tan, Hui Si Man
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Drama, Historical, Horror
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 851 MB
Resolution: 352×240
Length: 01:25:23
Video format: 0x10000001
BluRay Version (93 mins – 9.3 GB):

Wong Jing produces and Sherman Wong Ching-wah directs this outrageous and occasionally grisly period sex flick set in the Forbidden City during the Qing dynasty. Neophyte eunuch Li Lianying (Jimmy Wong), who, thanks to a bribe from his parents was spared one of his testicles, quickly learns that the Forbidden City is filled with petty sexually frustrated eunuchs and thousands of beautiful though equally sexually frustrated concubines. While Li has an affair with one such woman, he befriends the emperor, which calls down the jealous wrath of head eunuch Little One (Stuart Ong Sai Kit). In revenge, he tortures the emperor’s favorite, a maid named Guilian (Yvonne Yung Hung) and casts her out into a cut-rate brothel. In response, the emperor goes into an insane sexual frenzy.
Jonathan Crow, Rovi


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