Sentenced to Hang 1989

Sentenced to Hang 1989

Video Title: Sentenced to Hang
Also Known As: 三狼奇案
Year: 1989
Director: Taylor Wong Tai-Loi
Starring: Tony Leung Ka-Faim, Kent Cheng Jak-Si, Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong, Stuart Ong, Tien Feng, Carrie Ng Ka-Lai, Kiki Sheung Tin-Ngo, Wang Lai, Yu Kwok-Lok, Wai Gei-Shun, Hui Ying-Sau, John Cheung Chan-Sang
Bon99 ID: STH1989TWTL
Country: Hong Kong
Language: 2 Audio ==>> Cantonese, Mandarin
Genre: Cat III Hong Kong, Classics, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 1.36 GB
Length: 01:45:12
Resolution: 696×464

Lee, Kin and Ma were three sworn brothers. In 1960, Lee worked in a petrol company of his distant relative, Wong, the senior. He was often humiliated by Wong and his son, the Junior Wong. Kin was a teacher of a driving centre, but his bad temper had driven a lot of students away. Ma is a make-up artist for movies who also works as a part-time for the body of strippers. Lee was eventually sacked by the Wongs. He and the two tried to seek revenge by kidnapping the Wongs. However, it led to two murders. They all came to tragic end by the hangman’s ropes.

Inspired by yesterday’s headlines, this is a true-to-life thriller about three men on the wrong side of the tracks. Fired by his tyrannical boss, Lee retaliates by teaming up with his sworn brothers, Kin and Ma, and kidnapping the boss’s spoiled son. But events soon spin out of control and the men find themselves committing murder. Another tense and starkly realistic drama from the director of Long Arm of the Law. [Rim Films Catalog] The very first movie to receive a category III rating.


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