Outing (2015)

Outing (2015)

Video Title: Outing
Also Known As: 외출 (woi-chul)
Year: 2015
Director: Gi Dae-ho
Starring: Jeong Seo-yoon, Jeon Hyeon-soo
Bon99 ID: O2015GDH
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: 18+ South Korea, Melodrama, Romance
Size: 1.82 GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Length: 01:20:06
Video format: H264

Young and beautiful woman, Shin-hye, she is a good housewife with all of her focus on her husband and housekeeping. However, she has a concern these days. She and her husband are drifting apart from each other, while her husband has been refusing sex with her and treating her like a ghost. As her unhappiness with her husband is growing bigger, she attends her high school alumni meeting, where she encounters her first love, Seong-jin. Shin-hye is drawn to Seong-jin, who is a cool handsome grown-up man now. She slowly steps into the forbidden realm, as to say ‘affair’ in spite of herself.



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