Madame Aema 2016

Madame Aema 2016

Video Title: Madame Aema 2016
Also Known As: 애마부인2016 (ae-ma-boo-in-2016)
Year: 2016
Director: Kim Mi-yeon-I
Starring: Ryoo Hyeon-ah, Shapely, Jeong Neom-chyeo, Choi Jeong
Bon99 ID: MA2016KMYI
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: 18+ South Korea, Melodrama, Romance
Size: 2.96 GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Length: 01:28:59
Video format: H264

“Riding a horse feels like riding a man!”
The longest legendary series of Korean erotic movies, ‘Madame Aema’ is returning!
Eun-hye, a web-toon writer, is working on a new project. However, she gets tired of her repeated storyline and is stressed out because of it. Yoo-ri, one of her friends, suggests she should come and visit an equestrian center once.

Eun-hye accepts Yoo-ri’s suggestion and experiences the freedom she has never felt before. When she rides a horse through blowing wind, she feels free from all of the bothersome thoughts including the marital conflict with her husband and the pressure derived from her new project.

Deep in the night, when even all of the horses are asleep, Eun-hye happens to witness Yoo-ri and the horse keeper, Joong-man having sex. Eun-hye all of sudden realizes a sultry desire is arising from deep inside her. Eun-hye later visits the equestrian center alone and has an explosive sex with Joong-man. And the desire hidden deep inside her is finally awakened.



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