Lustful Feelings (1977)

Lustful Feelings (1977)

Video Title: Lustful Feelings
Also Known As: Vieni… vieni con me…; Feelings; Lustful Feeling
Year: 1977
Director: Kemal Horulu
Starring: Eva Henderson, Helen Madigan, Lesllie Bovee, Nancy Dare, Terri Hall, Bobby Astyr, Jamie Gillis, Robert Kerman
Bon99 ID: LF1977KH
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adult 21+, Pornographic: Vintage n Classic and Retro Porn, Drama
Size: 1.78 GB
Length: 01:15:27
Resolution: 720×480

Tony (Jamie Gillis) is a cocaine dealer, but owes Mr. Canucci (Ras Kean) a bit of money, which he isn’t paying back fast enough. So Canucci suggests that Tony have his girlfriend Joanna (Leslie Bovee), do some modeling for a girlfriend of his named Claudette (Eva Henderson). Claudette tells Joanna that the real money is in fulfilling men’s fantasies. Joanna agrees to join her in servicing her next client (R. Bolla). Tony also has a sexual relationship with his next door neighbor, played by Zebedy Colt favorite, Nancy Dare. Their sex scenes have a nice musical accompaniment and are enjoyable. Jamie doesn’t pull out at the climax, which goes against convention and is refreshing



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