Indecent – Sora Aoi

Indecent – Sora Aoi

Video Title: Indecent
Also Known As: Erotic Girls Obscene Words Play
Starring: Sora Aoi (Sola Aoi)
Publisher: S1
Publisher ID: ONE025, ONED025
Bon99 ID: INDSOA4266
Censor: JAV
Size: 1.4 GB
Resolution: 640×432
Length: 02:09:48
Video format: FMP4

Sora Aoi is one of my favorite actresses. She has a beautiful face and one of the most amazing racks in AV today. This is a pretty straightforward movie, nothing terribly out of the ordinary, and if you like watching a beautiful woman dominating a bunch of guys, this is a great movie for you.


Scene 1: Sora walks in on a blindfolded man and starts talking to him and rubbing his naked body. She kisses and licks his neck and ear, then notices a black dildo which is sticking out of his underwear in place of a penis. She begins to rub and suck the dildo, before removing it and going to work on his real penis. After a minute or two he cums, and the scene ends.

Scene 2: Sora is now a doctor, giving a blind-folded man a “check-up”. She starts out with a stethoscope, but quickly moves to rubbing his naked body with her hands. She strokes his nipples, then starts stroking his penis. She gives him a blowjob, and makes him return the favor by placing her pussy over his mouth. He eats her out for while, and then the sex begins. She rides him for a good long time, and they both cum before the scene ends.

Scene 3: Sora is now a scantily clad dominatrix, sitting on top of a blindfolded man wearing a dog collar and chain leash. She starts off by licking his nipples, then begins to stroke and lick his penis. She gives him a long blowjob before giving him permission to rub her tits and eat out her pussy. He then gets back on his back and Sora starts riding him. Finally one of the men in the movie gets to do something as he gets into missionary position and finishes her off.

Scene 4: Now Sora is an office dominatrix. A (you guessed it) blindfolded and naked man is sitting in his office wearing nothing but an ugly tie. She comes out from behind his chair and starts rubbing his penis. She starts to massage his penis with her feet, then clamps a white electrode thing onto each of his nipples, which he seems to enjoy. She moves on to giving him a blowjob, then takes a big pink thing and puts it on over his penis which he seems to enjoy as well. He cums in her mouth and the scene ends.

Scene 5: A brief scene in which Sora gives a blowjob to a dildo and then to a man’s penis. This is a long scene that basically feels like filler.

Scene 6: Finally, in an interesting turn, Sora gets to be the dominated one. We see her arms tied strapped to her legs with leather handcuffs. A man comes in and starts squeezing her breasts and kissing her. He then starts eating out her pussy before taking out a vibrator. She’ll return the favor by giving him a blowjob, and after a while the sex begins. They start out doggy style, then switch to a sort of missonary position, and then finally he’ll finish her off in true missionary. He cums violently on her face and the scene ends. By far the best scene in the movie, both Sora and the guy really get into the action here.

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