Gosuloli Collection – Tina Yuzuki

Video Title: Gosuloli Collection
Starring: Tina Yuzuki
Publisher: Calen
Publisher ID: SRXV433
Censor: JAV
Volumes: 1
Size: 972 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 01:30:23
Video format: DX50

If you are into maids and gothic then this AV is a must watch for you. Tina Yuzuki sports 4 really sexy and cute gothic / maid outfit in this AV and it’s very very sexy. If you’re not into the maid fetish you should still give this AV a try because Tina Yuzuki is really cute. She gives really good blow jobs and her moans will melt the ears of any man. Don’t miss out this AV, it contains the cute and sexy Tina Yuzuki and it has four very good sex scenes with her!


Scene 1: Tina poses for the camera in a very cute and sexy black gothic outfit. Then the camera shows a kitchen. A repairman walks in and Tina follows right after. He tries to locate the problem but can’t seem to find it and he then strikes a conversation with her. He then finds a camera on the ceiling and decides to take it down to film Tina with it. I like where this is going! They make their way to the bed and the guy films her while touching her pussy. After some comfortable caressing Tina starts to rub her own pussy. She seems like she is really enjoying this. The guy then unbuttons her dress to show the camera her cute small but perky breasts. Those tits are so pink and cute it just makes you want to suck on them. The guy then pulls her underwear away and fingers it. He also spreads her ass to show her asshole for the camera. This is so hot. He then licks her pussy and she feels really good, letting out soft and sexy moans. Now it’s Tina’s turn to please the guy. She unzips his pants and smells the penis. She seems really happy but also embarrassed. She then takes the penis and sucks on it. I like the way she slurps the penis while sucking it. It sounds so wet and naughty. She then licks the tip of the penis really fast with her tongue, what a pro. After that’s done Tina lies on the bed and is ready for penetration. He slowly inserts the penis into her and moves very slowly. She seems to feel really good and is enjoying every second of this. Then he starts to move a bit faster and we can hear wet slippery sounds coming from her horny pussy. She then gets on top and grinds the penis deeper and deeper into her. Tina starts screaming as the guy fucks her really fast you can see the whole bed shaking. Her moans are so sexy and seductive too! Then he comes all over her stomach.

Scene 2: This time Tina is in a red outfit and she is lying on the bed sleeping. Four hands then suddenly come out and start touching her. They start rubbing her pussy and legs. This seems so wrong yet so hot. One guy grabs her hand and puts it on his crotch and the hands start to move and she wakes up. She kisses the guy and the guy gets behind her while the other guy leaves the scene. He makes Tina like one of his hands while the other is massaging her pussy. He then plays with Tina’s tits before she gets Tina to bend over and stick her ass in the air for us to see. Beautiful. He fingers her pussy from behind as she screams in pleasure. We get to see a close up of Tina’s asshole too and it’s sexy as hell! I can’t help but notice the naughty wet sounds coming from her pussy. It’s so loud and perverted it turns you right on. The guy then fingers her harder and all of a sudden Tina squirts love juice all over the guy and the camera. Wow that was so hot and totally unexpected. Now Tina gets up to repay the guy for the good fingering and sucks on the guy’s dick. I got to say the profile view of her face is sexy as hell when she’s sucking a penis. Now the action starts and the guy fucks her. Her moans are so seductive. She’s so fucking hot when she squeezes her tits together while she’s being fucked. Then he fucks her doggy style and this is hot too. The way her ass jiggles as she gets humped from behind is such a turn on. She also gets onto of him and rides him. This sex scene has a lot of things going on it’s awesome! Then the guy comes all over her face. BUT WAIT! It’s not over yet! It turns out a new penis has popped out of nowhere. Tina then gets up and sucks on this penis with come all over her face! Hot! He too comes all over her face and she is now come soaked. Yum!

Scene 3: Now Tina is in another black dress. She teases the camera by pulling her stockings down and spreading her legs for the camera to show us her underwear. It’s very cute and sexy! We then see her on a bed and she is being tied down to it. A naked guy comes and touches her and she squirms around very cutely. He kisses her stomach and Tina starts giggling and laughing. It turns out she is very ticklish so the guy takes advantage of her and starts tickling her. She bursts into laughter but she can’t escape from it because she is being tied down. Tina is so cute! After a while of fooling around the guy shows that he means business and takes out a vacuum looking dildo. He turns it on and immediately you can hear the machine sucking air into it. He puts the thing on top of her panties and it sucks her pussy really hard. You can see Tina moaning in this weird sensation that’s making her feel really good. The guy then pulls the underwear away and shoves the thing straight into her pussy. Wow this is some hardcore shit. After some intense pussy sucking the guy takes the thing away and rubs her pussy with his own fingers. Tina seems to be enjoying this a lot more and immediately gives us her trademark soft and sexy moans of pleasure. The guy licks on her pussy and Tina seems really sensitive to every touch the guy makes. I think the dildo thing made her pussy really sensitive and delicious. The guy then fingers her and the sound from her pussy are so loud you can hear the juice gurgling inside her. What a horny slut. I like it! When the guy pulls his entire hand out you can see it’s completely soaked with Tina’s juice. Her pussy looks so delicious. The guy then unties Tina’s hands so she can get up and suck his penis. After some first class sucking, we now get to see Tina getting fucked. The camera first shows a close up of her pussy being fucked. The sound of the penis humping her is such a turn on. She then crouches on top of him and continues to get fucked. This guy fucks her really hard from below too! The guy then takes her top off and we finally get to see Tina’s completely topless body and let me tell you it’s hot! Tina’s screams get louder and louder as the guy picks up his pace and in the end he comes all over her face.

Scene 4: Now Tina is in a white dress. This dress is by far the hottest outfit in the AV. She takes off her panties in front of the camera and lifts up her skirt! Oh my god she’s hot. We then see her in a room on her knees and is ready to please a guy. She starts off by taking off the guy’s belt and unzipping his pants. She wastes no time and quickly pulls out the penis and puts the already rock hard penis into her mouth. I love the way she looks at the camera when she’s sucking the penis, it’s so sexy. This last scene seems to be a very elaborate penis sucking scene. It’s a must watch for all blowjob lovers. Tina does a very good job at sucking and licking the guy’s balls too. Now Tina offers her boobs and pussy for the guy to lick. After some good caressing Tina gets up and puts her pussy right on the guy’s face. Wow what a slut! I wish this can happen to me too! He licks that delicious looking pussy real good. Tina then gets up and gets on top of him and slowly inserts the penis into her. They fuck really fast wasting no time and switching various positions. Although this sex scene is shorter than the last three, it is still very enjoyable. In the end the guy comes all over her face.

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