Four Beautiful Amorous Ghost (1994)

Four Beautiful Amorous Ghost (1994)

Video Title: Four Beautiful Amorous Ghost
Also Known As: 嬌妻四艷鬼, Snake Beauty, 嬌妻4艷鬼, Snake Beauty (1999), Yan ghost wife four
Year: 1994
Director: Gap Hak Chung
Starring: Charlie Cho Cha Lei, Isabelle Chow Wang, Tsui Man Wah, Chung Yim Hung, Fong Yau, Stuart Ong Sai Kit, Hui Pui, Yeung Chak Lam
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Ghost, Erotic
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 424 MB
Resolution: 480×272
Length: 01:34:01
Video format: DX50

Yan ghost wife four complaints about a beautiful woman has married four men, four men for various reasons, have all died back grams, when night time, which is four grams of Dead men, are turned into devils, from either avenge this woman to her to hell and they continue to do husband and wife, this woman every day, endure suffering, the story began.


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