Eyes of the Serpent 1994


Eyes of the Serpent 1994

Video Title:Eyes of the Serpent
Also Known As: The Eye of the Serpent; Time Barbarians II: The Eye of the Serpent
Year: 1994
Director: Ricardo Jacques Gale
Starring: Chuck Mavich, David Michael Sterling, Diana Frank, Lenore Andriel, Tom Schultz
Bon99 ID: EOTS1994RJG49
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adult 18+, Erotic/Softcore (the USA & EU), Fantasy
Size: 1.35 GB
Length: 01:25:56
Resolution: 852×480

In an ancient land called Tag-Mur, two sisters fight over control of two magic swords known as the Eye of the Serpent. The evil sister, Corva, rules viciously and violently from a dark and cold castle. The other sister, Neema, valiantly tries to raise an army to take back her father’s castle. Neema’s daughter is caught in between believing in the great magic and trusting that peace will return to her land. Corva’s daughter is a hedonist who believes in achieving her own sado-masochistic pleasure. Into this web of women arrives the Lancelot-like Galen, proving himself a great swordsman. Soon Neema and her daughter enlist Galen’s help in raising and training an army.



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