Exodus From Afar (1998)


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exodusfrom Exodus From Afar (1998)

Video Title: Exodus From Afar
Also Known As: Devil’s war, 色降II萬里驅魔
Year: 1998
Director: Lam Yee Hung
Starring: Elvis Tsui Kam Kong, Yvonne Yung Hung, Chui Bo Lun, Kwan Hoi San, Ma On, Siu Yuk Yin, Jessica Chow Jing, Carmen Yeung Ga Man
Bon99 ID: EXFA1998LYH
Country: Thailand, Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Fantasy
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 843 MB
Resolution: 352×288
Length: 01:26:25
Video format: 0x10000001

While on a leisure trip to Bangkok, Lui becomes intrigued by the various sorts or witchcrafts and black magic. Fearing for her life, lui’s girlfriend Gai-Fung turns to Master Fai Cheng for protection. A fight between the good and evil erupts, climaxed by a shocking revelation of secrets and revenge between the righteous and the demonic.

scexodusfr Exodus From Afar (1998)

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