Don’t Tell My Partner (1997)

Don’t Tell My Partner (1997)

Video Title: Don’t Tell My Partner
Also Known As: 偷情男女, Tau ching nam nui
Year: 1997
Director: Otto Chan Juk Tiu
Starring: Jimmy Wong Shu Kei, Ozawa Madoka, Ben Ng Ngai Cheung, Raymond Tso Wing Lim, Rebecca Tong Tak Wai, Gaan Pooi Gwan, Sunny Luk Kim Ching
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III
Subtitle: English
Size: 1.1 GB
Resolution: 640×368
Length: 01:31:03
Video format: FMP4

Advertising agent Keith Chow keeps on trying to convince his long-time girlfriend Wai to marry. Wai seems more interested in her model photography career than her potential husband. Keith doesn’t fool around, despite the constant urging of his best friend, hair-stylist and lecher David. That is, until new staff member Nancy Lee bats her eyelids at him. He chases her until she catches him, which doesn’t take long. This major plot is occasionally crossed by a confusing (and unnecessary) sub-plot involving David’s favourite girl Yu An An and her thuggish and protective brother. Confusion, deception and suspicion soon ensue. Nancy keeps coming onto Keith at inconvenient times and places e.g. behind a screen while Wai is doing a photo shoot of her, and under the desk while Keith’s boss praises him. Keith gets annoyed with Wai more easily, and they argue more. David takes Wai out, and offers friendly comfort, which Keith mistakes as cuckolding. David also screws Nancy behind Keith’s back, describing her as a “public toilet”.


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