Dangerous Pair – Asami Ogawa and Tina Yuzuki

Dangerous Pair – Asami Ogawa and Tina Yuzuki

Video Title: Dangerous Pair
Starring: Asami Ogawa, Tina Yuzuki
Publisher: Calen
Publisher ID: SRXV424, XV442
Bon99 ID: DAPA9109AOTY
Censor: JAV
Volumes: 1
Size: 723 MB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 01:09:36
Video format: DX50

Asami Ogawa plays a movie director. But can she make a good one? Be the judge yourself. This movie features Tina Yuzuki as one of the actress.


Scene 1: Asami is a movie director. She briefs her staffs to get ready to make quality movies. So let’s start the shooting of the first scene.

Scene 2: Asami stars this one herself. It is a love scene (what else can it be?). The thing is I love about this is the outdoor setting which makes the perfect lighting. She immediately starts with a deep kiss. The guy also doesn’t waste the time to make a move at Asami’s breasts and pussy. In return, Asami gives the guy a blowjob. During the process, the cameraman is also turned on. He offers his dick to Asami but gets yelled instead for not doing his job properly. To finish the scene, they have sex. However, Asami does not like how the guy shoots cum on her. The director is not pleased after all with the first scene.

Scene 3: It’s getting dark. Asami is thinking hard for her next script. The cameraman slowly comes up to her while filming her. After some conversation between them, Asami decides to go on with another scene. This time, it is a masturbation scene. After doing alone for a while, Asami ask for help from another guy to finger her. But again, the shooting is ruined when Asami’s juice hits the cameraman, making the scene out of focus.

Scene 4: As the night comes, Asami and the crew move inside. Asami is still thinking hard about her movie project. However, she finds her crew masturbating. She is upset with them, since they are not helping at all. But at the same time, Asami gets curious with the penis that is stuck right in front of her. Immediately she hungrily sucks the dick. The cameraman doesn’t waste the chance to film the action. Asami blows the guy until he cums in his mouth.

Scene 5: The next day, Asami introduces Tina as the actress for the upcoming scene. Tina dresses as a Max Girl waitress. Asami comes in as a guest. After choosing from the menu, Tina brings Asami a vibrator. She takes it happily and uses it on her pussy. Tina watches from behind and can’t resist herself to help Asami. After servicing Asami, Tina offers her nipple for Asami to lick. The intimacy between both girls is really nice to watch, just like how the guys are enjoying the show from a distance. But not for long, the three guys join the girls. And yes, it is definitely crowded and it ends well.

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