Continuous Climax Ecstasy Fuck – Tina Yuzuki

Continuous Climax Ecstasy Fuck – Tina Yuzuki

Video Title: Continuous Climax Ecstasy Fuck
Starring: Tina Yuzuki
Publisher: Max-A
Publisher ID: XV585, SRXV592
Censor: JAV
Bon99 ID: CCEF9625TY
Censor: JAV
Size: 1.3 GB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 01:56:49
Video format: WMV2

Right away when we meet Tina Yuzuki, they change her name to Rio. This whole film is about how super hot and a great fuck with a even better body, Rio gets used to her new life and name. There are a lot of great long scenes that will catch anyone’s eye. Definately enjoyable.


Scene 1: When we see the incredibly sexy Tina Yuzuki she sits in a chair having her breasts massaged through her blouse by a man standing behind her. Unbuttoning it more her cute little breasts look so nice. Taking a pair of scissors the man cuts an opening through her jeans and panties and begins to finger fuck her till his fingers are dripping wet. He then begins licking and fucking her with his tounge. She’s so wet he slides his dick into her hot pussy with such ease. Taking off her pants to reveal her sexy body, he fucks her until he cums on her chest. Not letting that be the end he tounges her pussy once more as she cums again. Moving her over, he fingers her once more till she squirts all over and the camera gets wet with her sweet juices. Sucking on his cock to get him ready again, she gets on top and starts riding him. After a couple more positions and her moans echoing in the room, this long action packed scene ends with a nice facial shot.

Scene 2: Fading into the shot we see this lovely woman in sexy lingerie sitting on a couch with many hands moving in to carress her body. Every spot of her body is teased and massaged as you see on her face she gets more and more turned on. After fingering her pussy and making her so wet, three massaging wands come out next and go to work on her clit making her moan with passion. There is an attachment like a dildo that they all put on and continue fucking her. Putting away the wands they again finger her until she is so wet, her juices are dripping on the couch and she squirts again all over the camera lens.

Scene 3: Next dressed in black she is standing in a hallway as a man begins kissing her and undressing her. Pulling out the clear body lubricant he rubs it all over her breasts as he begins licking and sucking her nipples and moving his hand down to rub her clit. Taking off her panties he bends her over a chair and fingers her hot pussy. Turning her around to work faster she cries out in extasy as she cums with pure passion. Kneeling down she starts rubbing on his cock through his shorts and soon removes them, taking it into her mouth and sucking it with sheer delight. Leaning over the chair she urges him to fuck her deep and hard and he is happy to do so. He skin glisening with sweat and the lube she looks hot in every position they try ending with him blowing his load all over her stomach and tits.

Scene 4: Sitting on a table is a peach colored dildo that she glady begins sucking on, showing how skilled she is at this. Using her tounge to move up and down and move her lips around the head. Moving back she sits and begins to rub this dildo with her feet, rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples. She begins to rub her pussy on it making herself get hotter and hotter. Taking off her panties, she rubs it on her clit as her moans get louder and louder and she needs to slide it inside her. Riding it faster and harder she enjoys every moment as she makes herself cum with a big sexy cute smile on her face.

Scene 5: Sitting on a rug in the middle of a room we see Tina dressed in red plastic wrap that wraps around her body, even binding her hands together. Two men sit with her, raising her hands above her head, touching her body and kissing her. Slowly they take off parts of the plastic revealing her nipples as her sweet pussy peaks out from below. Rubbing that area they get her more and more excited till she sits turned on and can do nothing about it. Playing with her clit, the other man fingers her to the point that with one loud more cry she erupts with juices shooting from her and covering the mans hand and getting on the camera while the other man holds her by the legs in the air. Setting her down on the rug, one of them starts licking her pussy and finger and tounge fucking her. Both of thier cocks come out and she eagerly begins sucking them off. Then one of the guys moves behind her and starts fucking her doggy style while she sucks the other man. Taking turns with different positions and holding her still, they fuck her again and again, occasionally using thier hands to make her squirt once more. After many times and positions this hot scene ends with a nice facial, all of this still with her hands bound together.

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