Breast Special – Sora Aoi

Breast Special – Sora Aoi

Video Title: Breast Special
Starring: Sora Aoi (Sola Aoi)
Publisher: S1
Publisher ID: ONE136, ONED136
Bon99 ID: BRSPSA4782
Censor: JAV
Size: 1.18 GB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 02:01:50
Video format: WMV3

Sora Aoi has it all a great body and a perfect face. This movie while mostly highlighting Sora’s perfect breasts has a great variety of costumes and sex scenes.


Scene 1: The movie opens with short clips of Sora in various costumes showing off her great body before moving into a scene where Sora wears a skin-black leather outfit. She starts making out with a guy and, from the cameraman’s perspective, lays him down, sucks him off and titfucks him until he cums.

Scene 2: The next scene is set in an office. Sora is an office lady working with a businessman. The businessman calls her over and she strips for him. He then plays with her breasts for a long time. No sex in this scene.

Scene 3: Sora is a teacher in the next scene. There is only one student in the class and he definitely gets extra credit. Sora titfucks him. He then props her up on a desk and fingers before fucking her in a variety of positions and cumming on her stomach.

Scene 4: In the next scene, Sora is onstage in front of a group of regular guys. The hosts draw names and several of the guys get to come up and play with her breasts.

Scene 5: Sora is then the only female passenger on a train. The other passengers finger her and fondle her breasts for a while. Finally Sora blows one of the men and lets another titfuck her before getting creamed on her face and chest.

Scene 6: The next scene starts with a nervous looking man in a room. Sora arrives and it’s clear that she’s a prostitute in this scene. The man immediately mauls her breasts. Sora rubs oil all over her tits and she fucks him with her breasts.

Scene 7: Sora is all tied up in the next scene. A man enters and after fondling her for a moment, uses a vibrator on Sora. Another man enters. Sora is untied and she has sex with the second man.

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