Between the Knees (1984)


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betweenthe Between the Knees (1984)

Video Title: Between the Knees
Also Known As: Muleupgwa muleupsai
Year: 1984
Director: Jang Ho Lee
Starring: Ahn Sung Kee, Lee Bo Hee, Lee Hye Young, Lim Seong Min, Na Han il
Bon99 ID: BTK1984JHL
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Classics, Drama, Erotic, Rated R
Subtitle: English
Size: 1.4 GB
Resolution: 720×368
Length: 01:41:14
Video format: XVID

Ja-young is a flutist. When her father has a child out of wedlock, her mother regards sex as a sin out of anger towards him. Ja-young grows up under her mother’s exceedingly oppressive notions. Then by chance, Ja-young’s sexual urges are expressed in an abnormal fashion. Her mother is shocked by her daughter’s abnormal sexual tendencies. Ja-young’s boyfriend Jo-bin starts to detest her but he slowly learns of her situation and begins to understand her. On the other hand, Ja-young suffers much by jealousy at the hands of her half-sister Bo-young and Chun Hyung-seok who takes out his revenge on her. Ja-young ends up in the hospital. All of Ja-young’s problems stem from a single source. After Jo-bin learns of the reason behind her actions, he comes to deeply understands Ja-young.

scbetweent Between the Knees (1984)

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