Beauty Of The Haunted House (1998)

Beauty Of The Haunted House (1998)

Video Title: Beauty Of The Haunted House
Also Known As: 凶宅胭脂, Hung jaak yin ji, Xiong zhai yan zhi
Year: 1998
Director: Ka Ka
Starring: Patrick Keung Hiu Man, Suen Kwok Ming, Miyake Issei, Lee Yi Ching, Amuro Yuko, Chan Sing, Suen Kwok Ming, Patrick Keung Hiu Man, Goo Wai Jan, Chan Kin Yat, Fei Fei
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Cat III, Fantasy, Ghost
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 570 MB
Length: 01:28:39
Resolution: 640×480

The opening scene shows three drunk women getting sexy with each other on a boat, with a businessman and his Japanese business associate looking on. The girls conspire to get the businessman excited so that he’ll sleep with ViVi, his sexy secretary.

It turns out that the businessman is in financial trouble. A Japanese bank offers a loan on the condition that he sell the family mansion on Lantau Island. The tenant, his patriotic uncle, will only go out in a coffin. But the Japanese banker has photos of businessman and the naked women on the boat, and uses them as blackmail.

The businessman sends his son Eddie, and staff members Ho and Anna, to force the sale through. The house is haunted by Chanel, a mischievous ghost. Chanel was a pretty young whore Eddie’s grandfather wanted to marry in the 1940s. The ghost makes Eddie see visions from this time period, when HK was under Japanese occupation.
Meanwhile, the ghost turns Ho and Anna who are coy young lovers, into crazed sex maniacs…


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