Beautiful Teacher – Kaera Uehara

Beautiful Teacher – Kaera Uehara

Video Title: Beautiful Teacher
Also Known As: Beautiful Teacher High Temptation
Starring: Kaera Uehara
Publisher: Idea Pocket
Publisher ID: IPTD411
Bon99 ID: BETEKAUE11705
Censor: JAV
Size: 1.21 GB
Resolution: 640×480
Length: 02:01:11
Video format: DX50

Ideapocket’s Temptation Teacher series has been my favorite, and this film is just as great as all the others. Our dream teacher Kaera is convinced that drying up her students’ semen tanks is the best way to tame these recalcitrant kids, and you know what, she is damn right! You should see how this beauty proves her point!


Scene 1: Kaera is introduced as a new teacher to a class consisting only of boys, and she swears to alter Japan’s education. To prove her point, not only does she render vivid lectures, but also she takes thoughtful care of her pupils. Kaera enters an infirmary to see how her student is doing. Such an experienced educator knows that a terrific blowjob can cure all diseases on earth, so she fishes out the boy’s hardening cock and wastes no time swallowing the entire shaft. To add to his excitement, she reveals her jugs while keeping jamming her mouth full. The miraculous combination of her trained mouth and adroit hands lead the cock to squirt all over her pretty face. Watching her cum-dripping face makes me ejaculate too.

Scene 2: The principal has to test this new teacher’s capability, so soon after the female teacher is summoned inside his office, she found herself sexually harassed. Kaera appears quite pleased, though, to be fervently kissed and tenderly fondled all over. This principal is a real wizard in foreplay, using his tongue and fingers to drive this lady crazy. Knowing that a good teacher must rely on an outstanding oral ability, besides feeding her on his giant penis for some time, the guy even fucks her cute mouth to prove his point. Following a short tits-fuck comes a heated intercourse. This alluring lady lies down on the sofa to get seriously penetrated. After riding this dick to gain satisfaction, our heroine also loves to get dogfucked. A missionary style comes last, in which her body writhes in euphoria, before the principal explodes in her little mouth in the end.

Scene 3: Kaera sneaks into the boys’ locker room and, by smelling the boys’ clothes, she feels extremely horny. Thus, this energetic lady just masturbates with a vibrator right there. A student of hers enters and spots her, so of course, the boy is requested to have fun with her juicy pussy with that useful tool. To repay this obedient child, the dutiful teacher falls on her knees and gives him a memorable blowjob. This expert deep-throats the lucky boy and enjoys a meaty rod stuffing her little mouth. It’s not long before the student fills his pretty teacher’s mouth with fresh jizz. This is why we all should comply with our teachers’ wishes.

Scene 4: Kaera is tied up in an empty classroom when one of her students enters. She is forced on her knees to give good head. What is a better thing on earth than fucking your teacher’s sweet mouth and making her gag? The rude boy molests her delicate cunt with a hand vibrator, getting her to moan tragically. Even though tied up, this lady still knows how to mount a cock and gyrates on it. Having unleashed her, the boy commences to enter her violently from the behind. Then, lying on the desks, our educator gets pounded until a huge load of sperm lands on her face.

Scene 5: Kaera is scolding five of her students for stealing girls’ school uniform and swimming suit. Well aware that blaming cannot solve the problem, this spectacled teacher holds that the essence of true education is the magic of love. Hence, the smart girl gets dressed in the blue swimming suit and, on her knees, gives each of the guys unbelievable blowjobs. Now, the beautiful lady is fairly occupied: while giving head, she has to jerk two cocks in the meantime. With her little mouth working like a perfect turbo-charged vacuum cleander, this diligent girl dries up five giant cocks within 10 minutes. Gee, she must have been cock-fed since birth! Gooey jizz scatters all over her lovely face and sticks to her glasses. I just cannot fancy a more charming face than this.

Scene 6: When teaching her students the structure and function of a woman’s pussy, Kaera finds it tough for her male students to understand, so she decides to give them a hands-on experience. The enthusiastic educator, full of passion, lies down to let each of her beloved students to observe her pussy, and best of all, they all have a chance to savor the juicy peach to witness how it properly functions. These naughty boys finger her fragile cunt so hard as to lead to her shiofuki. In order to repay their efforts, this considerate teacher lets two students of hers have fun with her: she feeds on a cock while getting ferociously pounded from the rear. All she can do now is utter muffled, barely audible moans. The two dynamic boys take turns ramming this lovely lady cruelly in all styles before their sperm spurts all over her face. So, what is a more rewarding profession than being a teacher?

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