Bad Class (2015)

Bad Class (2015)

Video Title: Bad Class
Also Known As: 나쁜 수업 (nap-peun soo-eob)
Year: 2015
Director: Han Dong-ho
Starring: Yoon Seol-hee, Han Bit, Jeong Neom-chyeo, Kim Bo-hyeon, Kim Joon-hee, Son Ji-wan
Bon99 ID: BC2015HDH
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: 18+ South Korea, Melodrama, Romance
Size: 2.36 GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Length: 01:46:06
Video format: H264

Ji-eun has a bad impression of men due to bad experiences with her father but her mom Hyeon-ah convinces her into getting tuition from an art student. Jeong-woo is surprised at how cold she is towards him but at the same time, there’s tension between the two. Meanwhile, Hyeon-ah, who is afraid something might happen between the two, calls Jeong-woo in and suggests something but he confesses his love for Hyeon-ah instead. They have fallen into an unappropriate relationship and Ji-eun decides to give her mom a surprise.



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