An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty (1984)

An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty (1984)

Video Title: An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty
Also Known As: 唐朝豪放女, Amorous Woman of the Tang Dynasty
Year: 1984
Director: Eddie Fong Ling Ching
Starring: Pat Ha Man Jing, Alex Man Chi Leung, John Chang Kuo Chu, Tom Poon Jan Wai, Lam Hoi Ling, Ku Feng, Benz Kong To Hoi, Wang Lai, Wong Shu Tong, Chiu Man Yan
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Classics, Drama, Romance, Historical
Subtitle: English
Size: 699 MB
Resolution: 592×320
Length: 01:37:21
Video format: XVID

Patricia Ha is a scholar turned Taoist nun turned literati wgise pursuits of lust and love show that the Tang Dynasty was light years ahead of the West when it came to sexual enlightenment.


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  • charlie cho

    Thanks for reposting this. Pat Ha is goegeous and I was really surprised and happy to find out she’s topless in this movie. A good Cat 3 one definately and thanks for posting. Wished cantonese was available but still enjoyable.
    PS: Would you mind adding the language either cantonese or mandarin to the post?
    PPS: Any chance you could repost the Chow Sing Chi and Lau Tak Wah movies. Thanks for the great movies bon.

    • Mr.Bon99

      @charlie cho: I will try re-upload Stephen Chow Sing Chi and Andy Lau Tak Wah As Soon As Possible.
      Thank you very much :)