All of a Sudden (1996)

All of a Sudden (1996)

Video Title: All of a Sudden
Also Known As: 驚變, 惊变, Jing bian
Year: 1996
Director: Herman Yau Lai To
Starring: Simon Yam Tat Wah, Irene Wan Pik Ha, Alfred Cheung Kin Ting, Dayo Wong Chi Wah, Fong Yue, Peter Ngor Chi Kwan, Chang Yin, Lam Chiu Wing, Rico Chung Kai Cheong, William Leung Chi Ming, Joe Chu Kai Sang, Lee Ji Kei, Lo Hung, Poon Tak Yip, Tang Wing San, James Tsim Tak Faat, Kerrick Wong Paak Nin
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Cat III, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, II B
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 958 MB
Resolution: 640×356
Length: 01:37:38
Video format: FMP4

One day, young merchant Lam Kwok Choi is attacked by a masked robber, who kidnaps his wife Miu Ho Yi and their son Wai Wai during the escape. The robber is named Tsui Jin Peng, because his wife had an affair with Choi. He wanted to beat Choi to relieve his anger, as he hid Yi and Wai on a yacht. Yacht owner Bill discovers Peng’s secret of kidnapping Yi and Wai, blackmails Peng into asking Choi for ransome. On the other hand, the police sent Inspector Mak to handle the case.
This is the only Cat III movie by Irene Wan Pik Ha, a mainstream actress in the mid 90’s in Hong Kong.


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  • vince

    Uncomplete movie. Movie begining & ending parts is missing.