A Pharisee (2014)

A Pharisee (2014)

Video Title: A Pharisee
Also Known As: 바리새인 (ba-li-sae-in)
Year: 2014
Director: Jeong Yeong-bae (정영배)
Starring: Ye Hak-yeong 예학영 , Viki 비키, Jo Min-ah-I 조민아, Kim Bo-mi-II 김보미, Ko Jeong-il 고정일, Ha Tae-seong 하태성
Bon99 ID: AP2014JYB
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: 18+ South Korea, Drama
Size: 1.70 GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Length: 01:15:55
Video format: H264

For the first time ever, idols attempt at a bed scene!
The girl groups are coming of age!
Seung-gi (Ye Hak-yeong) has been living under a strict father, blaming himself everytime when a natural but uncontrollable desire surges from inside of him. However, because he can’t spurt that desire in reality, every night Seung-gi shares passionate love with a mystery woman in his dreams. He meets Eun-ji (‘Viki’) a senior from school and gets provoked by her as well as Soo-jeong (Jo Min-ah-I) who he’s had a crush on forever.

Kang Eun Hye was Viki from Dal Shabet, Cho Min Ah was in Jewelry, and Kim Bo Mi was in M.I.L.K.

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